Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Broken Heart

My dear, sweet husband, Richard, died yesterday (January 25, 2012) at 11:00am.  I could drive a truck through the hole in my heart.  I wonder why I am happy to see him free of the prison created by LBD and an overwhelming need to pull him back.  He is gone from my sight but never from my heart.  I love you, Richard.


  1. Jo Ann,

    Praying that God will wrap you in his mighty arms and give you the peace in your mind heart and body as you go through the difficult days ahead.

    Your beloved husband Richard has won the battle of getting free from the grasp of Lewy.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers

    {{{gentle hugs for your hurting heart}}}

    1. Thank you so much. I don't know you personally but hearing your words gives me comfort. RD's service was yesterday and all our family left by late afternoon. Suddenly, the house seems big, lonely, and way too quiet.
      Two emotions pull at my heat. I am joyful and happy for him and incredibly sad for me. I will be okay because I have family to support me and Hospice to help me through.
      Your caregiving battle goes on. I am thinking of you everyday.

  2. Hi Jo Ann,
    I know that I joined your blog after RD passed. You sound like such a sweet couple. I know that I'm in the end stages with my Momma and Lewy. We are in the last few months before she is free. Part of me is very afraid of the changes that entails. I hope you are healed now and have adapted to changes without your caregiving role. Any tips for me in these days? I've kept my sweet Momma at home - hospice is helping us. Arlene

  3. Parting with the one we've shared life's joys and tribulations isn't something easily described even after many months or even a couple of years has passed, as it has for me. Not LBD but a very complex and difficult journey and long months of caregiving for him and also my mother (who we finally discovered in March 2012 has LBD and apparently for a long time) after my husband's passing in January 2011. I see many changes in Mom similar to those you write about in your that show me our journey appears to be moving towards that end time more rapidly than before. Mom's a fighter and has had remarkable health until into her 90's; she wasn't even on any medication at all before her late 80's. Watching her, as I'm sure it was for you with your husband, is a constant learning experience in the amazing challenges of life and humanity. Thoughts and prayers. Add to your blog when you can. There will be other things to share and help those of us still moving forward on the LBD path. I write a blog, too, Life Times Three, Living With LBD, with an additional perspective of dealing with a person who used Undue Influence and even today continues to provide complications. Take care and move forward one step at a time even over the roughest terrain.