Friday, December 2, 2011

A Few Good Days

Dreaded the news I knew was coming - Home Health Care terminated services today.  RD has improved his strength and endurance significantly after six week of exercise with home health care professionals.  The good news - he's doing much better.  The bad news - he will no longer have the support under him.  Neither will I.  This group of nurses were a godsend to me, solving a month-long battle with RD's heal wound in less than a week, helping me find innovative ways to increase RD's calorie intake in healthy ways, and listening, really listening to what worried me. Back on my own in this completely baffling world of Lewy Body.
Five days of calm and quiet. Aaaaahhhh!  RD hasn't engaged in the nightly ritual of wanting to go home, trying to leave the house, and agitation for nearly five nights.  What a wonderful relief to spend an evening watching TV and responding to an occasional misidentification of an object (tonight he thought his shirt was a fish).  How long will this last?  There is nothing about today that will predict tomorrow.
A long day indoors.  The weather has turned cold and blustery.  If forecasts hold, tomorrow will bring freezing rain, turning to snow in the afternoon.  This will be the first snow of the season if it shows up.  I'm already thinking of spring.  The older I get, the more I dread the winter cold. Wish I could move to a warm climate, putting my feet on a beach at will.  Okay, a little too much time to dream I suppose.

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