Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is...

My step-son came to visit this weekend.  It is a 700 mile round trip for him so visiting for 24 hours is a 36 hour trip in reality.  It was wonderful to have him even though it was a short time.  My husband's eyes lit up when CC walked in.  His facial expression didn't need any support from spoken language. Message conveyed and completely understood.
I've been looking for a way to exercise - something I absolutely don't enjoy.  I once joined a fitness club with my husband and honestly, I wouldn't have gone more than the first month but for the prodding and determination of my husband.  He never wanted to miss our exercise routine. Thinking instead of doing is an unfortunate character flaw but this time I've got some new motivational, kick in the pants, do it kinds of incentives. Reading an article on the benefits of exercise, the author suggested returning to activities you loved as a child.  That was easy for me.  I loved bike riding, hide and seek in the dark, swimming, and roller skating.  Both the bicycling and roller skating struck a note and out came a flood of pleasant memories. As luck would have it, my step-son has worked on the retail end of bike sales and is also an accomplished bike mechanic.  He agreed to help me choose a bike and make sure it was fitted just right.  Lucky bit of fate having CC visit at the very time I decided to purchase a bike.  I've just got to get up my nerve to let go of the money.
I'm buying my own Christmas present from RD this year for obvious reasons. Maybe the bike will be the surprise.
RD has had 3 or 4 'good days'.  The unit of measure in this case is how many hallucinations, delusions, and capgras episodes he might experience in a day/night.  Although it has been extremely difficult to understand his speech this week, he has been more engaged, talkative and interested in the world around him.
Snow began falling yesterday round noon and continued until noon today - maybe 8-10 inches. The snow was accompanied by 25-35 mile per hour winds so snow drifts made driving nearly impossible.  We ventured out anyway to mail a Christmas gift, renew a dog license, and check out the snow totals around town.  RD was pointing to the high drifts and mountains of snow piled up after cleaning a parking lot here and there. He made several comments about the piles of snow around town.
Today's behavior has nothing to do with how tomorrow will go but I am VERY thankful for today.  Merry Christmas if you're listening.  All I want for Christmas is you (oh yes, and that bike).


  1. Hi JoAnn,

    I had to laugh at the getting a bike.
    I have one by default! Hubby just insisted he get a bike. He couldn't drive so he was determined to ride.
    He has yet to ride it so I suppose I inherited it.
    I can't get out to ride it but I am thinking of investing in a bike trainer to make it a "stationary bike" and perhaps get some exercise that way :) I'll have to think on it though ;-)

    You should set up a map on a wall and chart your miles for a "trip"
    Have fun :)

  2. Wishing you the best with your pedals! My mini bike allows me to stay in my wheel chair and lift chair. In my dreams--Lance Armstrong (without drugs). Peace during this holiday season!

  3. Diane, please do add me to your list of blogs. The greater the connection, the less lonely life feels.
    Kathy, I've yet to get on that bike but I am admiring it everyday! We still have ice and snow on the streets, so given that I haven't ridden for 45 years, I'm thinking my first ride should be on dry pavement.